Thursday, July 19, 2012


Those of you that know me, also know that I have always grappled with fluctuating weight. I have been 30 kilos heavier and 15 kilos lighter than I am now. The primary reason is that I eat to comfort myself. When I feel anxious or sad or excited, eating evens me out, so I eat what I need to stay alive and then I keep eating what I need to feel calm and counter whatever heightened state I'm in.

I ate too much the day I wrote those 10 songs in 6 hours. Well, on the binge eating scale it wasn't that bad; only one big packet of chips, I didn't succumb to following it with lollies, maybe a whole cake and possibly a pack of biscuits.

In the past, I would've eaten a family block of cadbury's, a large packet of chips, and whipped down the street for a souvlaki or hamburger and back for ice-cream and possibly a little more chocolate or a packet of timtams. I stopped eating chocolate five years ago when my cholesterol started creeping up.

Now, I can't eat like that, my body won't take it. I even lost an organ as a result of my lifetime of bingeing. I still miss my gall bladder.

I know many women and men who eat for comfort and that's why I thought I'd share this song with you. I haven't managed to completely modify my eating behaviour but I'm getting a bit better than I have been in the past and writing a song about over eating kinda helped too.

CHORDS - It's a three chord pop/rock song. A little bit ROCK in the USA I reckon.


I have an eating disorder
I'm a disorderly eater
I"m not thin I'm not fat
But I prefer the taste of this to that
As long as I feel happy at the point of no return

I can scoff a pack of biscuits
But turn my back on chocolate
And if I walk for an hour
I am likely to devour
A big fat slab of hummingbird cake
And a bag of chips
And that batch of cookies I just baked

I eat a eat a healthy breakfast
Then if I get a little anxious
Or I'm bored
Or I'm sad
there's a milk bar and a cafe
Where they keep my happy happys
That I swallow quickly quickly
Before you all find out

I have an eating disorder
I have an eating disorder



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