Monday, October 31, 2016

Memoir of a Hasn't Been Part 2: I Have A Confession!

I have a confession. I didn't really put the 'Write a plan to write "A Memoir of a Hasn't Been" item' on my to do list. I do plan to do it. But, it just hasn't happened yet!

I got a bit overwhelmed after I wrote my last blog.

It's what often happens when I get all excited about a new idea, commit it to a blog and then share it on social media and 160 people read it, some of whome write encouraging posts back about the idea. In so doing, an obligation is created. I try and avoid obligations.

Anyway, it got me thinking that perhaps, before I tackle the memoir, I need to create a new list. It will be called my "things that I have avoided to do" list. First thing I'll put on that list is Chrissy Amphlett.

She was at Southbank finishing up a photoshoot. I remember she was wearing a striking purple and white striped suit and I was struck by how tiny she was. You know how famous people look familiar but you can't quite place them for a moment. I was about 5 feet away from her before I realised it was CHRISSIE AMPHLETT!

Panic set in immediately. I DID NOT KNOW what to do. Should I get her autograph? Should I cry and stammer out an "I love you, Chrissie"? Should I go and tell her that I sometimes perform her song, "Boys in Town" and offer to sing her a rendition?  Should I genuflect? Should I act cool and greet her like an old friend? What? What? What?

Well, I did the only thing that any panicked fangirl would do, I turned around and walked the other way. Quickly. But, when I turned to check that I was well out of her orbit, there was Chrissie following behind me.

Quick. I dashed up some stairs to safety.




I did the same thing today. I walked right past American Blues guitar player, Chris Cain, who I saw at the Sydney Blues and Roots Festival yesterday rocking the main stage. He was also small and wearing stripes. This afternoon, he was walking down Market Street West in Richmond, NSW, in the opposite direction to me. I'm sure he would have liked a "nice set, yesterday" as we passed each other. Then, perhaps, we could have stopped to talk and maybe organised a guitar lesson this afternoon. After that, we could have gone to dinner and discussed the memoir I was writing called, "Memoir of a Hasn't Been." He could have had a chapter.

Instead,  like Chrissie, I'll be adding him to my "things that I have avoided to do" list.

Along with: buy a set of windscreen wipers, fill in a lodgement of protest form for a toll road fine that I don't believe I should have to pay, write back to a new friend who sent me a photo 6 weeks ago of me picking guitar on The Canning Stock Route, send back music festival administration information and email some students information about a couple of gigs I have booked for them.

It's actually fortunate I didn't buy a set of windscreen wipers as mine were easily fixed so avoiding that "to do" item saved me a few bucks. The bucks I saved paid for a new usb cable which I lost while I was working through my "things that I have avoided to do" list and the pricey organic vegan food I had for lunch.

Today, rather than fulfil my obligations, I went to the library and finished the first draft to the first act of a musical play I've been avoiding writing for months.

Here's a Canning Stock Route sunset:


  1. My list of things I have avoided would be far too long. Might require a novella. Or a novel. Except that if I write the truth I guess it has to be called an autobiography, and I am not going there!!
    Top of my head avoidances Defending myself (verbally...physically wasn't an option). Working out how to correctly write an academic essay.
    Finishing relationships when I should. Tackling the current knitting pattern I can't get right. I would go on but I would rather avoid doing so.
    I never met Chrissie Amphlett, but we are singing Boys in Town with my choir and I am not avoiding this at all

    1. An excellent list, Gillian. I particularly liked how you avoided adding to the list! I think i need to come and see your choir.