Friday, October 14, 2016

'A Memoir of a Hasn't Been.'

I've been thinking about writing a memoir called "A Memoir of a Hasn't Been." The idea is simple. It would be a witty look at my past musical collisions with people who went onto become successful artists while I didn't. Don't worry, I wouldn't allow it to sink into maudlin examinations of "Why me?',  I just think it would be interesting.

So how should I present the memoir? I've entertained the thought of producing it as a podcast. But, I'd have to go and do a course and I don't really have time because I'm so busy working two jobs, talking about being a singer/songwriter, checking facebook, watching catch up TV, playing house, socialising with family, friends and my boyfriend, oh, and practicing guitar and ukulele.

Perhaps I could just get someone to produce it. But, that would cost money and then I would have to write a script. I'm still trying to write a script for another project I'm working on which I've been avoiding for quite some time now.  What if no one from my musical past gives me permission to write about them? Hang on, I have to get permission. Bloody hell!

Ok, so maybe a blog. A 500 word memory uploaded each week for a year.  The "write one blog entry a week" item has appeared on my weekly to do list for months now. There's also the question of how to attract subscribers to follow the weekly blog entries. To be honest,  I'm very uncomfortable asking people to follow me. I'm a bit shy (ok, very), not that interesting and therefore not particularly deserving of attention.
Ok, perhaps it would be better as a book. My healthy overblown, imaginative ego thinks it's a great idea and is convinced it will be signed by an urban publishing house endorsed by the left wing intelligentsia of Melbourne. I've already plotted the entire memoir in my head.  I've imagined the accompanying show which will include me sharing the stage with some of the amazing musicians I write about. In my mind, the show is a terrific success and the book becomes a bestseller. The accompanying youtube channel with 52 duets of me and each musician has gone viral and my ego is loving the irony of a success that means it's no longer a "hasn't been".

All of these ideas were thought out while I walked to my day job between the office in North Melbourne and the activities program in Elizabeth Street. I work three days a week to pay rent and bills before I go to my three evenings a week job where I teach music for a few hours. The other four days a week, I imagine what I could do if I didn't have to work three days a week. That leads me to imaginary touring and youtube channels again.

Ok. So what if I actually did it? What if I actually wrote a memoir with accompanying show and youtube channel?  I've read enough time management self help books to know that the best way to fulfil your goals is to make them measurable and achievable and there's a few other things that they have to be which I can't recall right now.  I also know that it's important to make a plan. Create a timeline for the plan.  Write a list of tasks for each section of the timeline to achieve the plan. OK.

Here's the first task which I have added to my weekly "to do" list:

Write a plan to produce "A Memoir of a Hasn't Been" with accompanying show and youtube channel and record the journey on a weekly blog.


Here's a song: 
West Brunswick

Here's a picture to look at while you listen to the song:


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