Wednesday, June 13, 2012

West Brunswick's Starry Starry nights.

Allie and I became good mates when we met as neighbours in our West Brunswick street. One afternoon, she rolled up in her car, as she was going to collect her son from school, and enquired about guitar lessons. She'd heard from another neighbour that I taught guitar. We arranged some lessons and our friendship was sealed. We got to know each other through these lessons. She'd often turn up with a "mixed tape" she'd thoughtfully put together for me. These musical treats introduced me to a lot of wonderful music that I had never heard before.

Our friendship graduated from music lessons to regular breakfasts at local cafes, and this year she invited me to sing at her and her lovely partner, Adrian's, wedding. Both she and Adrian have been great supporters of the music I write and perform. They show up for gigs, they listen carefully to rough drafts and give invaluable feedback and they encourage and believe in me and my work. Adrian even designed the gorgeous album cover for my last album, The Bride.

Allie is also a mother of a West Brunswick kid. When she read the "West Brunswick Star" blog entry the other day, she wrote this story:

"One beautiful winter day like today, I covered the ceiling of my lovers room with fluorescent stars. I stuck one up there for my lover, and for me. When I finished I sat and cut another one out, and stuck it among all those stars... And that is the afternoon I believe Otis landed in me... With his own little star winking at me while I slept. It was his star!"

Perhaps, all the kids in West Brunswick come from the stars. Perhaps, all the stars in our kids come from  West Brunswick. 

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