Thursday, June 21, 2012

The task at hand........


"This year, Helen Begley, releases her latest album, “West Brunswick” to Australian audiences. Set in West Brunswick, the album pays homage to 20 years spent living and working in Melbourne’s inner north. “West Brunswick” will be presented in intimate suburban spaces and concert settings and performances will be predominately unplugged. The songs on the album are set to understated arrangements that allow the poeticism of the lyrics to breath as they wrap themselves around the listener like a Northern Suburbs lullaby. As well as songs, Helen will share stories and poems inspired by West Brunswick.  Her partner in crime James Norton, makes a guest appearance during the set when harmonica playing and banjo pickin’ is required."

  • Worked on a funding application for the project after West Brunswick - have to think so far ahead these days!
  • Sent a nice email to the people that have so far offered to host a West Brunswick album launch tour house concert.
  • Had the usual wrestle with "Self Doubt" this morning. These daily tussles keep me fighting fit for duty.
  • Wrote this blog.

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