Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Yackandandah Performance

Well, I'm thinking at the moment while I work, and work, and work, at my paid jobs. Yep, the life of a musician is a tricky one. On the one hand I'd like to write and think and sing and play everyday, all day. On the other hand, I gotta make a buck. Still haven't worked out a balance yet and have never found the courage to let go and write and think and sing and play, forsaking all paid employment except for writing,  thinking, singing and playing. Business versus creativity is very tricky stuff.

You see, for me, creativity is slow moving, and doesn't work to a timeline, unlike the business of music. See why I need to work at a job! Unless, of course, there's a very indulgent benefactor out there who wants to plonk me in one of their spare houses, preferably in the NSW highlands or the Blue Mountains or possibly the Victorian High Country, pay the bills, and feed me good food while I slow cook some songs, I guess song number 9 will just have to wait 'til next week when I have a little more time.

In the meanwhile, here's a song I'm thinking of reprising as the secret track (never could keep my mouth shut) on the West Brunswick album, so that my ukulele and guitar students can join me for a good old fashioned singalong, like the Yackandandah folk festival audience does in this video.  Thanks to Mr Happy (that really is his last name) for recording this for me.

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