Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Song That Took Two Years

I finished the song that has taken two years to write, today! It's song number 7.

It was a song I started under the apple tree of my last West Brunswick house. It was summer and it started on the banjo with a set of quite dramatic chords with a G followed by a B7 - think Ray Charles, "Georgia" or Peter Allen's "Still call Australia Home" sort of and countless other songs including West Brunswick's Song Number 7.

One of the first lines was "West Brunswick's got a road to Sydney."

It's a love song that shows how my heart has been torn between West Brunswick, where, until recently my daughter and I lived, and Sydney, where my Viking Warrior resides.

It's been a bloody hard song to get to work. Holding the intention of the song, without being too introspective and indulgent took a lot of drafts. And using those chords in an understated way in the chorus. I don't know whether I actually achieved it, but here's a draft recording.

I'm losing my voice and haven't quite got the guitar part together but when you hear the album, you'll remember where it came from. Just wanted to share a raw, straight from the pen, fresh one. As if you were sitting in my lounge room and I'm showing you what I've just done.

Here it is, just press play. Hope you can hear the rain in the background. Sorry about the computer noise - no idea how to filter that out. You'll have to turn it down too.

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  1. I love it. I think the sound of the fire here is hiding the sound of the rain but I love the "looking for the right answer" nature of the way guitar, chords and your as always achingly truthful voice combine... xp